Dynamic DNA Kit©

If only your students had this innovative new DNA kit. If only we had the funding necessary to buy the press and make the molds!

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Your students can discover:

- Accurate DNA and RNA

- 5' to 3' synthesis

- Nucleotide base pairing

- Major and minor grooves

- Functional groups

- Phosphodiester bonding

- Semi-conservative replication

- DNA packaging

- RNA transcription

- Adenosine triphosphate

- Continuous and discontinuous strands

- And much more!

Let's make this Dynamic DNA Kit a reality!






Teachers say...

This DNA kit is amazing because unlike most models I can use it with multiple levels to reveal higher knowledge concepts.

The ability to show the 3-D shape and structure of both the nucleotide unit as well as the DNA is paramount to student understanding.

This adds another level (to my curriculum) that I haven't been able to do well. It fits perfectly into learning about DNA, replication and transcription. I like the extra phosphate groups.

(Students) can see 5' and 3'... anti-parallel... phosphate groups... symmetry. The model itself is self-correcting - it's not too complicated but it shows the complexity, how AT and GC go together differently.

The ability to manipulate a model will reinforce what has been presented in class. The model could be reintroduced later in the same course or in an advanced class to review previous material or to add to material already introduced.

You can use it for a lot more things, not just the structure of DNA - you can build upon it and do replication and transcription.