Crowdfunding campaign launches October 2, 2017!

Dynamic DNA Kit©

Twist! Untwist! Replicate! Transcribe! Now students can do it ALL with our Dynamic DNA Kit! Whether making health care decisions for themselves and their families or preparing for careers in medicine, research or drug development, today's students need to understand DNA. 

No other kit compares to the Dynamic DNA Kit - including our current DNA Discovery Kit - which customers have told us is the best kit available. The DNA Discovery Kit is accurate. It’s easy to put together. Students can separate the component parts. It shows the major and minor groove. BUT, it cannot untwist to show how DNA replicates.

Dynamic DNA CAN! And, it will cost less and include new components because of our design innovations. 










In 2013 we developed the engineering design and working prototype for our Dynamic DNA with a small business innovative research grant from the National Institutes of Health. This month we were awarded a patent on the model's unique design, which is what allows it to flex and unwind. Contributions to this crowdfunding campaign will help us buy the injection molding machine and tooling (molds) we need to manufacture the kit. 

Most donation levels will be rewarded with various kit sizes. Please come back on Monday, October 2 to secure your first-run Dynamic DNA with your contribution!

Your students can discover:

- Accurate DNA and RNA

- 5' to 3' synthesis

- Nucleotide base pairing

- Major and minor grooves

- Separate component parts

- Phosphodiester bonds

- Semi-conservative replication

- DNA packaging

- RNA transcription

- Adenosine triphosphate

- Continuous and discontinuous strands

- And much more!







Teachers say...

  • This DNA kit is amazing because I can use it with multiple levels to reveal higher knowledge concepts.
  • This will hook a kid.
  • It's the whole picture. It's the whole deal.
  • The fact that it actually untwists between the two models and I can constantly go back and forth is beyond cool. My students will get this!
  • This is literally the diagram from the textbook that students can manipulate.
  • The ability to show the 3-D shape and structure of both the nucleotide unit as well as the DNA is paramount to student understanding.
  • This adds another level to my curriculum that I haven't been able to do well. 
  • Students can actually see 5' and 3', anti-parallel, phosphate groups, symmetry.
  • The model itself is self-correcting – it's not too complicated but it shows the complexity, how A-T and G-C go together differently.
  • The ability to manipulate a model will reinforce what has been already been presented in class.
  • The model can be reintroduced later in the same course or in an advanced class to review previous material or to add to material already introduced.