Available Features 


We create physical models using plaster, nylon and plastic 3D printing technologies.


Plaster is ideal for display cases and low impact applications. It is more fragile than nylon and plastic.

Nylon is ideal for all situations and is often necessary for large or complex "trophy" models. It is sturdier than plaster.


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Plastic is the sturdiest of the three materials.

Molecular Display Formats

We can create models in almost any display format available in molecular visualization software.

Spacefill Format

Ribbon Format

Backbone Format

Surface Format


Special Features

We can include special features to help the model tell your unique molecular story.

Embedded Magnets

Text Labels

Flexible Regions


Bases and Plaques


Molecular File Formats

We can work with most major molecular visualization software and atomic coordinate file formats.

  • Molecular Visualization Session Files such as Pymol (.pse), Chimera (.py), Visual Molecular Dynamics (.vmd) or Jmol (.jpg / .png).
  • Standard Atomic Coordinate File such as Protein Databank (.pdb), Molfile (.mol), or XYZ File Format (.xyz).
  • Small Molecule References such as Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (SMILES) Sequences, DrugBank references, and PubChem references.

Price Information

Average Model Costs

Most custom models range between $500 and $1,500, depending on size, complexity, design and materials. We can work within budgets and offer a discount on multiple copies ordered. REQUEST A QUOTE or contact lead model designer Mark Hoelzer at mark.hoelzer@3dmoleculardesigns.com if you have questions. 


U.S. customers: 3D Molecular Designs is happy to ship via UPS using our UPS account and add the charges to your invoice. We are also happy to use your UPS or Fed Ex account and ship via your preferred shipper.

International customers: Shipping models outside the U.S. and Canada is expensive and could cost as much as the model itself. Shipping charges for countries in Asia, Africa or South America could total more than the model itself. Please also keep in mind that your country’s customs office may levy duties, taxes, fees or other charges.


Custom models are fragile and require special packing. We charge $40 for the first carton and $20 for each additional carton.


U.S. customers: We accept purchase orders, checks, electronic funds transfers (additional $20.00 U.S. fee) or the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

International customers: We ask for payment prior to shipping. We accept electronic fund transfers (add an additional $20 fee) or credit card payments, as noted above.

International Orders

We are happy to accept international orders. Shipping from the U.S. to other countries is expensive. (See shipping and payment sections above. We charge $40 to prepare required export documents.)

Let us know when your model arrives!

We insure models against loss or damage. While damage during transit is rare, it can happen. Be sure to keep all packaging materials. UPS, Fed Ex or other shipping companies will not pay an insurance claim unless they can inspect all cartons, bubble wrap and packing peanuts! Notify us immediately if your model arrives damaged and 3DMD will file the claim if shipped on our account.