Mini Models

These plaster mini models are being discontinued as we redesign them for 3D printing in a larger size and more durable material. Best of all, we believe we will be able to offer them at a lower price! Watch for their availability on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Newsletter.

We identify many structures that will be useful to educators and make them available as mini models. The cost of mini models is considerably less than custom models, since design time is not included in the price and we build a platform of models at a time.

Most of 3DMD’s mini models are shown in an alpha carbon backbone format with selected amino acids shown in spacefill format. See Aquaporin Mini Model. Some of the mini models are shown in a spacefill format. See Ribosome Mini Models. The rest are shown in multiple formats. See DNA and Nucleosome Mini Models.

Most mini models are built with a plaster powder on a ZCorp 3-D printer. It is best to use them over a table with a small group, since models will break if dropped on a hard surface. Nylon models, built on a selective laser sintering machine, are less likely to break than plaster models. 

Transfer RNA and Antibody Mini Models are available in both plaster and nylon.

Plaster mini models, the nylon Transfer RNA Mini Model and the nylon Antibody Mini Model are not available for shipping outside the U.S. and Canada.

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Aquaporin Channel Mini Model

Green Fluorescent Protein Mini Model

Nucleosome Mini Model

Potassium Channel Mini Model

Zinc Finger Mini Model

Insulin Model

ß-Globin Mini Models

30S and 50S Ribosome Mini Models

70S Ribosome Mini Model

Transfer RNA Mini Models

Antibody and Antigen Models

Hemagglutinin Mini Model

Hemolysin Mini Model

Sodium Channel Mini Model

CRISPR-Cas9 Mini Model

Influenza Virus Capsule Model