Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

The SLS machine uses a UV laser to produce white nylon models. A levelling roller moves powder from a chamber, crossing over the build bed. The laser then traces out the layer. After each cross-section is scanned, the bed is lowered by one layer thickness, a new layer of powder is applied on top, and the process is repeated until the model is finished.

Nylon SLS models are more durable than plaster models and they are more expensive to produce. We hand paint selected sections or the entire model based on specifications. Potential formats include:

  • Backbone
  • Ball and stick
  • Ribbon

It is possible to build a surface or spacefilled model on the SLS machine, but it may not be cost-effective. It may also not be cost-effective to paint very detailed spacefilled or ball and stick models. We can attach magnets to pieces so that sections can be separated to reveal an active site or other detail.

Learn more about selective laser sintering by watching the following You Tube videos:

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