ZCorp 3D Printer

The ZCorp 3D printer produces plaster models with high definition and full color. The printer creates successive cross sections of three dimensional objects by spreading layer upon layer of plaster powder in the build bed with a roller. In between each layer, inkjet print heads spray a binder solution on the powder substrate. When all layers are complete, the model is removed from the bed, excess powder is blown away, and the model is infiltrated to improve its strength and color.

ZCorp technology is fast and cost-effective. ZCorp models are excellent for showing CPK or other complex color schemes. We can attach magnets to pieces so that sections can be separated to reveal an active site or other detail. Potential formats include:

  • Cartoon and ribbon
  • Alpha carbon backbone
  • Spacefill
  • Surface
  • Active site cube
  • Ball and stick

Some structures may not be suitable in plaster in a cartoon format.

Models should be handled with care – they will break if dropped, held tightly or handled roughly. We recommend that models be held over a table to minimize breakage if dropped.  Broken pieces can usually be super-glued.

REQUEST A QUOTE or CONTACT US if you need help determining the specifications of your model.