Alpha Helix-Beta Sheet Construction Kit©

Alpha Helix-Beta Sheet Construction Kit

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A hands-on tool to demonstrate how the linear amino acid sequence defines the primary structure of a protein. Magnetic pieces allow your students to assemble an α-helix or anti-parallel β-sheet, then explore secondary and tertiary protein structure.


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Alpha Helix Beta Sheet Construction Kit



Kit Contents

Alpha Helix - Beta Sheet Construction Kit©  
Alpha Helix Pieces 11
Beta Sheet Pieces 10
Hydrogen Bond Pieces 11
Side Chains 30
     Glutamic Acid   4
     Leucine 3
     Serine  3
     Valine   3
     Alanine 2
     Glycine  2
     Arginine  1
     Asparagine 1
     Aspartic Acid 1
     Cysteine 1
     Glutamine 1
     Histidine 1
     Isoleucine 1
     Lysine 1
     Methionine 1
     Phenylalanine 1
     Threonine 1
     Tyrosine 1
     Tryptophan 1

(There is no proline because its side chain also attaches to the nitrogen in the backbone and forms a ring. This distorts the shape of the backbone and typically causes a bend. Proline residues are not found as part of an α-helix or β-sheet.)

Alpha Helix - Beta Sheet Construction Kit© Contents

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Alpha Helix - Beta Sheet Construction Kit©
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Teacher Tip

Always have your students use plaster models over a table to minimize breakage. Simple breaks can usually be repaired with super-glue.

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