Amino Acid Building Block Models

Amino Acid Building Block ModelsYour students will discover the basic repeating structure of amino acid backbones by building 2 models. Then they can form a dipeptide bond, linking the 2 models together and creating a chain.

This kit enables your students to build and compare 2 generic amino acids models using atoms, covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds. Atoms and side chains are represented by colored spheres and follow the standard CPK color scheme; covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds are represented by sticks. After constructing and identifying the components of the 2 amino acids, they can be linked by a peptide bond to make a dipeptide – splitting out a water molecule. 3D Molecular Designs and Molymod© have teamed up to make this amino acid model available to our customers.

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Amino Acid



Kit Contents

Amino Acid Building Block Models  
Carbon (black)       4
Oxygen (red)       4
Nitrogen (blue)     2
R-Groups representing side chains (green)   2
Hydrogen (white) 8
Hydrogen Bonds (short white posts) 8
Single Covalent Bonds (short, gray, thick post) 6
Double Covalent Bonds (long, gray, thin post) 6
Link Remover     1


Components are enough to build 2 amino acid models.

Amino Acid Building Block Models Contents and Assembly Activity

Introduce students to the structure of an amino acid displayed as a ball and stick model format with 3D Molecular Designs' Amino Acid Building Block Models! Use these activities to help you get started.

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Amino Acid Building Block Models
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