Chromosome Connections Kit©

DNA - Cell Division - Inheritance

Chromosome Connections Kit©Help your students make the connection between chromosomes at the microscopic scale and chromosomes at the molecular scale! The Chromosome Connections Kit will enhance your classroom exploration of cell cycle, cell division and genetics. Students can manipulate the colorful foam pieces in the kit to:

  • Model chromosome structure and anatomy.
  • Construct Punnett squares to connect the inheritance of traits to chromosomes at the molecular level.
  • Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis.
  • Model mechanisms that contribute to genetic variation.
  • Model chromosomal aberrations such as nondisjunctions, translocations, inversions, deletions and duplications.
  • And much more!


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Chromosome Connections Kit


Kit Contents

Chromosome Connections Kit© 1-Group 2-Group
Red Scaling Graphics 4 8
Blue Scaling Graphics 4 8
Red Scaling Graphic Connectors 4 8
Blue Scaling Graphic Connectors 4 8
Red Chromosome Connectors 4 8
Blue Chromosome Connectors 4 8
Red Nucleotide Connectors 2 4
Blue Nucleotide Connectors 2 4
Red Chromosome Segments 32 64
Blue Chromosome Segments 32 64
Red Chromosome Endcaps 12 24
Blue Chromosome Endcaps 12 24
Red Centromere Segments 6 12
Blue Centromere Segments 6 12
Kinetochores 12 24
Spindle Fibers 12 24
Red DNA Nucleotides 80 160
Blue DNA Nucleotides 80 160
Gray DNA Nucleotides 32 64













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Middle School
High School


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Choking Hazard 
Science Education Product

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Chromosome Connections Kit
     1-Group Set $65 (CHK-01)
     2-Group Set $115 (CHK-02)

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