Coronavirus Models

Free Science of Coronavirus Series

Help your students visualize and better understand the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus with our new 3D printed plastic model – available in 3 sizes and 2 color schemes! Magnets embedded in 2 spike proteins at the bottom of the virus allow it to dock with the “host cell” base, binding to an ACE2 receptor. The antibody included with each model also has a magnet, allowing you to model how an antibody finds and attaches to the receptor-binding domain of the spike protein, preventing it from binding to the ACE2 receptor. LEARN MORE

This free, four-part series includes videos, hands-on modeling activities and computer visualization tutorials that students can do in the classroom or at home. LEARN MORE

Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©


Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection© is a stunning watercolor poster by scientist, author and artist David Goodsell, PhD, that explores the molecular mechanisms that protect our bodies from influenza virus infection, and the events that transpire when those defenses fail and infection occurs. 

Dr. Goodsell creates cellular

landscapes that accurately illustrate the size, shape, and distribution of proteins in their natural environment of the cell. LEARN MORE