Flow of Genetic Information Kit©

Dynamic DNA Kit©

Don't be surprised if one of your students blurts "Now I get it!" while manipulating the Flow of Genetic Information Kit. Manipulating the kit's colorful foam nucleotides and placemats, they model replication of the leading and lagging strands of DNA, model transcription as they copy one strand of DNA into mRNA using an RNA polymerase, and model translation/protein synthesis as they decode the mRNA into protein on the ribosome placemat. LEARN MORE

Dynamic DNA© helps students better understand how the genetic information in DNA is revealed and used. Students twist and unwind the double helix to model DNA replication and RNA transcription. Additional pieces allow them to make ATP, consider epigenetics and gene expression, and much more! Students assemble the nucleotides, feel the hydrogen bonding of the A-T and G-C base pairs and discover the double helix. LEARN MORE

Chromosomes Connection Kit©

Biotechnology Kit©

Help your students make the connection between chromosomes at the microscopic scale and chromosomes at the molecular scale! Students use the colorful foam pieces in the kit to model chromosome structure and anatomy, construct Punnett squares to connect inheritance of traits to chromosomes at the molecular level, compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis, model mechanisms that contribute to genetic variation, and much more. LEARN MORE

Students achieve a better understanding of multiple biotechnology concepts including diagnostics, forensics, and bacterial transformation with a single hands-on modeling kit. Students model polymerase chain reaction and how flanking primers result in the exponential amplification of a short product, model the Sanger DNA sequencing method using chain-terminating fluorescent dideoxy nucleotide analogs, and model DNA cloning using restriction endonucleases to cut DNA at specific sequences. LEARN MORE

DNA Starter Kit©

Double Helix Student Modeling Pack©

The DNA Starter Kit© is a schematic DNA model that transforms from the familiar ladder shape to the double helix with a simple twist. Students first explore the structure of color-coded DNA bases. Then they explore the process of DNA replication and RNA transcription. LEARN MORE

Students individually explore the basics of DNA structure and replication with hands-on models and digital activities. LEARN MORE

Nucleotide Student Modeling Pack©

Chromosome Student Modeling Pack©

Students individually model replication, transcription, biotechnology concepts and more with hands-on models and digital activities. LEARN MORE

Students individually connect chromosomes at the microscopic and molecular scales with hands-on models and digital activities. LEARN MORE

Tour of a Human Cell Panorama©


Take your students on a journey from the nucleus to the outer cell membrane with this watercolor cellular landscape by scientist, artist and author David Goodsell, PhD. Adjacent text identifies the structures and explains their functions. Goodsell's cellular landscpaes accurately illustrate the size, shape and distribution of proteins in their natural environment of the cell. LEARN MORE