DNA Starter Kit©

DNA Starter Kit©


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3D Molecular Designs' friendly, interactive foam DNA model makes double-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA. It will quickly capture your students’ attention as you introduce the basics of DNA structure then move into replication and transcription.


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Twisting into the Double Helix



Kit Contents

DNA Starter Kit© 1-Group 2-Group
Bases 51 102
    Red Adenine 12   24
    Yellow Thymine 12 24
    Blue Cytosine 12 24
    Green Guanine 12 24
    White Uracil 3 6
Continuous Gray Backbones 4 8
Gray Sugar-Phosphates 24 48
Purple Sugar-Phosphates 12 24
Bag with Bands 1 2
    Blue     24 48
    Yellow 24 48
    White 24 48


Teacher Resources

DNA Starter Kit© Contents and Assembly Directions

Find information about the contents of your DNA Starter Kit© and step-by-step directions for completing your pyrimidine bases, which connect to a continuous sugar-phosphate backbone.

DNA Starter Kit© General Instructions

Your students will use the DNA Starter Kit© to build a DNA model with the long continuous backbones and nucleotide bases, before giving the bases a twist to create the double helix. Younger grades will enjoy the hands-on process of turning that basic 2-D ladder into the 3D double helix.

DNA Starter Kit© with Expansion Pack Contents and Instructions

With our DNA Starter Kit© Triphosphate Expansion Pack, upper-level students can explore how during the process of DNA replication (or RNA transcription), nucleotide triphosphates serve as the substrates that are joined together by DNA polymerase (or RNA polymerase) to create the complementary strand of DNA (or RNA).

Molecule of the Month on DNA

The Molecule of the Month by scientist, author and artist Dr. David Goodsell includes an introduction to the structure and function of the chosen molecule and a discussion of its relevance to human health and welfare. Molecule of the Month articles are frequently referred to by teachers, students and researchers.

DNA Starter Kit© Next Generation Science Standards

Connections to: A Framework for K-12 Science Education Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas

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Grade Level

Upper Elementary
Middle School
High School


Students per Group



Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

List Price

2-Group Set
    $70 (DNASK-02)
1-Group Set
    $37 (DNASK-01)

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Teacher Tip

Separate the base pairs before storage to increase the longevity of the model. Colors may fade. Consider storing foam kits in a dark location such as a closet, cabinet or drawer.

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