Double Helix Student Modeling Pack

Students can individually explore the basics of DNA structure and replication with the hands-on models and digital activities in our Double Helix Student Modeling Pack.

  • Examine the structure of color-coded DNA bases showing purines and pyrimidines and connect to a continuous sugar-phosphate backbone.
  • Discover the directionality of each backbone strand.
  • Explore hydrogen bonding in A-T and G-C base pairs.
  • Build double-stranded DNA and twist into the double helix.
  • Model the process of replication.

Pack Contents

6 red foam adenine bases
6 blue foam cystosine bases
6 green foam guanine bases
6 yellow foam thymine bases
2 gray foam DNA backbone pieces
1 bag with 12 blue and 12 yellow bands

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Grade Level

Middle School
High School


Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

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1 Pack
     $15.00 each
10+ Packs
     $12.00 each
40+ Packs
     $9.00 each

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Disinfecting Kits


You may wish to cut the backbone in half to make 2 6-base pair models.

Be gentle. The foam can tear if too much force is used.

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