Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©

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Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection©

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Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection© is a stunning watercolor poster by scientist, author and artist David Goodsell, PhD, that explores the molecular mechanisms that protect our bodies from influenza virus infection, and the events that transpire when those defenses fail and infection occurs.


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Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection

Panorama Panel 1 and Schematic Overview

Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection

Panorama Panels 2, 3 and 4


Panorama Dimensions

The Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection Panorama© measures 23”x66"

The combo includes 1 Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection Panorama©, 6 Antibody Models and 12 Antigen Models.

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Grade Level

High School

List Price

Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection Panorama©
    23”x66" $69 (DGFFP)
Flu Fight Panorama and 6-Antibody and 12-Antigen Models Combo $365

Teacher Tip

Enhance your students' conceptual understanding of immunity and infection with multiple models. Use our Antibody and Antigen Models to actively simulate the antibody binding and specificity illustrated in the Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection Panorama©.

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