3DMD Genetic Codon Poster©

3DMD Genetic Codon Poster©

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A must-have companion to 3D Molecular Designs’ popular Amino Acid Starter Kit©, ß-Globin Folding Kit©, and Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©. The 3DMD Genetic Codon Chart© and Genetic Codon Circle© show students the link between the triplet codon in mRNA and the properties of amino acids.


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3DMD Genetic Codon Poster Gallery

Genetic Codon Chart


Poster Dimensions

The Genetic Codon Chart© is laminated and measures 24”x30”.

The Genetic Codon Circle© is laminated and measures 30”x24".

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Grade Level

Middle School
High School


List Price

Genetic Codon Chart©
     24”x30” $25 (GCCA)
Genetic Codon Circle©   
    30"x24" $25 (GCCB)
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