Insulin Poster©

Insulin Poster©Our colorful, laminated poster highlights how the insulin protein can be used to explore a broad range of biology topics, from the flow of genetic information to diabetes control.

By using the insulin protein as a starting point, teachers can use our 3DMD Insulin Poster© to weave together discussions about: 

  • Genetic information
  • Biochemistry and protein structure
  • Cellular organelles
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Cell biology of glucose homeostasis
  • Energy metabolism
  • Endocrine and digestive systems
  • Recombinant DNA technologies
  • New approaches to monitor blood glucose levels and control diabetes

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Poster Dimensions

The Insulin Poster© is laminated and measures 24”x19".

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Grade Level

High School

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Insulin Poster©
     24”x19" $22 (INSP)


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