Students will learn how this mRNA is translated by the ribosome into a precursor form of insulin, and then how the precursor is processed to create the final, functional protein.

After using the kit’s bioinformatics map to determine the nucleotide sequence that encodes the amino acid sequence of insulin, students will fold a physical model of the 3D protein structure of insulin, using mini toobers (purple for the A-chain and orange for the B-chain) and a folding map.  

Each 1-group set includes a laminated student mRNA map and a folding map, 2 mini toobers (orange and purple), side chains, plastic clips, support posts, endcaps and an assortment of parts to mark and connect the chains. Multiply each item by 3 or 6 for the 3-group and 6-group sets. A laminated teacher mRNA map is included with every kit.

It’s best if your students first use the Amino Acid Starter Kit© and the Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene© before using the Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit©. Also see Insulin Mini Model and Insulin Poster© and ß-Globin Folding Kit©.