NEW Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9©

Model how the Cas9 protein is programmed with RNA to search for and identify specific sequences of DNA before making the double-stranded cut. Explore and discuss how Cas9 is being engineered with new features that make it a useful tool for editing the human genome. With Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9's colorful foam pieces and placemat your students can:

  • Build a schematic model of the CRISPR-Cas9 RNA-guided endonuclease, including the viral double-stranded DNA and dual guide RNA.
  • Understand how the Cas9 protein binds to a specific sequence of viral double-stranded DNA at a PAM site - and cuts it.
  • Demonstrate how that cut destroys viral genome and prevents the infection of bacteria.
  • And much more!

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1-Group Set Contents

1 Foldable Placemat*
6 White sticky-back Cas9 parts
2 White Nuclease parts
5 Orange tracr RNA pieces
1 Black Spacer RNA piece
40 Red Adenine (A) DNA Nucleotides
40 Yellow Thymine (T) DNA Nucleotides
40 Green Guanine (G) DNA Nucleotides
40 Blue Cytosine (C) DNA Nucleotides
40 Purple RNA Nucleotides (10 each of A, U, G & C)
40 Tan RNA Nucleotides (10 each of A, U, G & C)
40 Blue RNA Nucleotides (10 each of A, U, G & C)
1 Gray Tetraloop
1 Gray Cytosine Deanimase 

*Placemat may be folded in half (printing out) before applying the sticky-back foam to make storage in the box easier. Or leave the placemat flat and store outside of box. See Assembly Instructions for more information.


Product Details

Grade Level

High School

Students per Group



Choking Hazard
Science Education Product
California Proposition 65

List Price

1-Group Set
    $77 (MCC-01)
2-Group Set
    $141 (MCC-02)

Teacher Tips

Please allot approximately 45 minutes to assemble the first kit and 30 minutes for each additional kit (if you have more than one). Colors may fade. Consider storing foam kits in a dark location such as a closet, cabinet or drawer.

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