Membrane Student Modeling Pack

Students can individually explore cell membranes and the role of transport proteins in moving ions and small molecules with the hands-on models and digital activities in our Membrane Student Modeling Pack.

  • Compare and contrast various models of phospholipids.
  • Discover the spontaneous formation of cell membranes.
  • Model how phospholipids spontaneously assemble in water.
  • Create a micelle and liposome potential for drug delivery.
  • Model dehydration synthesis reaction in a triglyceride or phospholipid.
  • Identify and simulate the function of the various types of channel proteins involved in membrane transport. 
  • Model passive and active transport, as well as maintaing ionic balance in the cell.

Pack Contents

30 yellow phospholipids
10 white water molecules
10 blue sodium ions
10 purple potassium ions
2 printed sheets with membranes, channels and small molecules
6 brads
5 pairs of foam channel sides

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Grade Level

Middle School
High School


Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

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1 Pack
     $10.00 each
10+ Packs
     $8.00 each
40+ Packs
     $6.00 each

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If you choose to label your channels, use a ballpoint pen. Avoid markers, which can smear on foam.

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