Molecules of Life Collection©

Molecules of Life Collection©

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With this 3D molecular model collection from 3D Molecular Designs, zoom to the 4 classes of biomolecules found in living cells – carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.


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Aquaporin Protein Polymer with Asparagine Amino Acid Monomer

Molecules of Life Collection© 18 total items
Molecules of Life Placemat 1
DNA (1 DNA and 2 nucleotides) 3
Carbohydrate (1 each of starch, glycogen and cellulose and 2 glucose) 5
Lipid (1 phospholipid bilayer and 2 phospholipids) 3
Protein (1 aquaporin and 2 asparagines) 3
Ice (1 ice structure and 2 water molecules) 3


Molecules of Life Collection© Teacher Notes

Thank you for using our tools to help your students visualize the molecular world! The lessons and activities that accompany the Molecules of Life© are intended to help you consider different ways you may use these materials. We encourage you to modify them to meet the learning objectives and needs of your specific students.

Molecules of Life Collection© Contents

Find information about the contents of your 3D Molecular Designs' Molecules of Life Collection©.

Molecules of Life Collection© Student Workstation Mats

Download and print these 8.5x11 student workstation mats from 3D Molecular Designs and arrange them at stations around your classroom, along with their corresponding plaster models.

Molecules of Life Collection© Model Worksheet and Key

Despite the complexity of life on Earth, the most important large molecules found in all living things can be classified into only four main categories: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Students will explore the structure of these biomolecules as well as water, since they interact in an aqueous environment.

Molecules of Life Collection© Summary Table and Key

Have your students record their observations on the Summary Table while exploring the Molecules of Life Collection© models and individual workstation mats.

Molecules of Life Collection© Next Generation Science Standards

Connections to: A Framework for K-12 Science Education Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas

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High School

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Small Magnets
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Molecules of Life Collection©
(17 models plus 1 placemat)
     $650 (MLC)
     Not eligible for discount.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.

May purchase separately:

Molecules of Life Placemat
     $22 (MLC-PM)
Monomer Set (10 models)
     $72 (MLC-M)
DNA (3 models)
     $242 (MLC-D)
Carbohydrate (5 models)
     $136 (MLC-S)
Lipid (3 models)
     $379 (MLC-L)
Protein (3 models)
     $269 (MLC-A)
Ice (3 models)
     $34 (MLC-I)         

Adenosine Triphosphate     
$16 (MLC-ATP)
*This model is built to the same scale but is NOT part of the Molecules of life Collection. It must be purchased separately.

If you previously purchased the Molecules of Life Placemat, ß-Globin Protein and/or Histidine Monomer and would like to receive the upgraded Placemat, Aquaporin Protein and/or Asparagine Monomer, contact us to receive a 20% discount on the list price.

This product is not available for shipping outside the U.S. and Canada.

Teacher Tips

Print and laminate the Student Workstation Mats and rotate your students through each station.

Hold the aquaporin and lipid models next to each other as you discuss how proteins embed in cell membranes to allow water and other molecules or ions to pass in and out of the cell.

Always have your students use plaster models over a table to minimize breakage. Simple breaks can usually be repaired with super-glue.

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