The Mystery Tube©

A Black Box Activity

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A fun and challenging introduction to the practice of science. Your students will assume the role of research scientists as they make observations and propose a mechanism which explains the properties of the Mystery Tube©.


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Mystery Tube Version A and Version B





Mystery Tube© 2-Set 6-Set 12-Set
Version A 1 3 6
Version B 1 3 6


Mystery Tube© Contents

Find information about the contents of your Mystery Tube©.

Mystery Tube© Teacher Notes

Teacher Notes includes tips on using the Mystery Tube© and extensions that can be used as homework or follow-up activities.

Mystery Tube© Student Handout

The Mystery Tube© investigation is designed to introduce your students to the scientific process. Research scientists frequently face the difficulty of examining a subject without the advantage of being able to take apart the object of their investigation.

Mystery Tube© Next Generation Science Standards

Connections to: A Framework for K-12 Science Education Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas*

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Upper Elementary
Middle School
High School


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Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

List Price

12-Tube Set
     $165 (MTAB-12)
6-Tube Set
     $95 (MTAB-06)
2-Tube Set
     $36 (MTAB-02)


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