Protein Student Modeling Pack

Students can individually explore proteins and enzymes with the hands-on models and digital activities in our Protein Student Modeling Pack.

  • Explore the dual nature of amino acids and sort the side chains according to their chemical properties.
  • Fold a protein based on the chemical properties of the side chains.
  • Explore primary, secondary and tertiary protein structure.
  • Fold a zinc finger protein motif with alpha helices and beta sheets after calculating the scale.
  • Model active sites, mutations, denaturation and reverse engineering. 
  • Discover enzymatic actions including specificity, activation energy, inhibitors, catabolism and anabolism.

Pack Contents

1 22-inch mini toober
1 bag of clips (4 yellow, 2 white, 2 green, 1 red & 1 blue)
1 printed side chain sheet
1 gray enzyme
6 foam substrates 

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Grade Level

Middle School
High School


Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

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1 Pack
     $17.00 each
10+ Packs
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40+ Packs
     $10.20 each

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You may wish to write names and/or abbreviations on the back of the side chains after you’ve cut them out.

You may find it easier to insert the folded paper side chains into the colored clips after folding your protein.

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