Field Test Antibody Student Modeling Pack

Students can individually create a schematic model of an antibody as you explore its role in the immune system. This pack also supports the Antibody Protein Story Phase of the MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling’s MAPS (Modeling a Protein Story) Program, which focuses on how a coronavirus vaccine will produce antibodies that will neutralize the spike protein.


1 118 cm Mini Toober
2 23 cm Mini Toober
2 11 cm Mini Toober
10 Green Clips
6 Posts
1 Pair Red and Blue Endcaps

Product Details


Grade Level

High School


Choking Hazard
Science Education Product

List Price (Item: ASMP)

1 Pack
     $26.00 each
10+ Packs
     $20.80 each
40+ Packs
     $15.60 each

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