Substrate Specificity Kit©

Substrate Specificity Kit©Help your students achieve that "aha moment" with this simple but elegant kit that demonstrates the highly-specific interaction between a substrate and an enzyme. 

With the Substrate Specificity Kit© students can:
  • Use color-coded functional groups to construct a substrate and examine its chemical properties.
  • Use a mini toober to engineer an enzyme active site specific to the substrate constructed.
  • Explore various types of specificity including stereochemical specificity and absolute specificity.
  • Discover how subtle changes in enzyme structure can potentially have a significant impact on substrate binding in the active site.

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Photo Gallery

Enzyme-Substrate Complex with 3-Foot Mini Toober



Kit Contents

Substrate Specificity Kit© 1-Group    
3-Foot Mini Toober  1    
6-Foot Mini Toober 1    
Blue Functional Group 1    
Red Functional Group 1    
White Functional Group 1    
Yellow Functional Groups 2    
4-Hole Sphere 1    
2-Hole Sphere and Post 1    
Metal Clips 5    
Sheet of Colored Clip Labels 1    
Sets of Red and Blue End Caps 2    
Amino Acid Side Chain Chart 1    


Product Details


Grade Level

Middle School
High School


Students per Group

2-4 for 6-Foot Mini Toober Activity and 1-2 for 3-Foot Mini Toober Activity


Choking Hazard
Small Magnets
Science Education Product
California Proposition 65

List Price

Substrate Specificity Kit©
    $54 (SSK-01)

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