The Data Dilemma©

The Data Dilemma©

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Modeling is an important and integral part of the practice of science. This foam puzzle set is a colorful, engaging tool to encourage scientific collaboration and facilitate discussions about how scientific models evolve.


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The Data Dilemma© comes as a 12-puzzle set. Each set has 6 tangram pieces.

The Data Dilemma© Contents

Find information about the contents of The Data Dilemma© 12-Puzzle Set.

The Data Dilemma© Printable Puzzle

Find PDFs of The Data Dilemma you and/or your students can download and print. Cut out the tangram pieces to model how scientists incorporate new evidence into a working model of their research topic.

The Data Dilemma© Teacher Notes

The Data Dilemma© activity is designed to model the practice of science in which scientists must incorporate new evidence into a working model of their research topic. Teams of students will use the 5 tangram pieces progressively to build larger triangle models. When new data won't fit the triangular model, your students will need to change their model into a geometric shape with the fewest possible sides.

The Data Dilemma© Scenarios

Find several different scenarios you can use to facilitate a discussion on how scientific models evolve. Students will model the process of incorporating evidence into a working external representation of the data, as you walk through a scenario.

The Data Dilemma© Next Generation Science Standards

Connections to: A Framework for K-12 Science Education Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas*

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