Water Student Modeling Pack

Students can individually explore the physical and chemical properties of water with the hands-on models and digital activities in our Water Student Modeling Pack.

  • Make water molecules from oxygen and hydrogen atoms and explore spontaneous bonding of water molecules.
  • Discover the different strengths of hydrogen, covalent and ionic bonds.
  • Explore sodium and chloride ions and methanol, and how they interact with water molecules.
  • Model adhesion, cohesion, polarity, hydrogen bonding, surface tension, states of matter and solubility. 
  • Construct and explain a physical representation of osmosis.
  • Make a single, six-molecule ring and identify the repeating pattern
  • Construct digital ice structures.


6 water molecules
1 pair NaCl ions
1 methane

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Upper Elementary
Middle School
High School


Choking Hazard
Small Magnets
Science Education Product
California Proposition 65

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     $18.60 each

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Use one of the six water molecules to make methanol. 

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