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NSTA Engage: Spring21 Virtual Conference

04-12-2021  - 05-08-2021Online

Virtual Workshops

Free Student Modeling Packs shipped to participants!

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Thursday, April 29

11:00AM EDT - CRISPR - As an Adaptive Immune System in Bacteria
Explore CRIPSR as an adaptive immunity system in bacteria using 3DMD’s new CRISPR Adaptive Immunity Kit. A classic 2012 paper proves how this system works and will give your students practice in interpreting scientific data. Model how restriction enzymes connect to a CRISPR endonuclease for editing the human genome.  

12:00PM EDT - CRISPR Cas9 - A Powerful New Tool for Editing the Human Genome
Using 3DMD’s new Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9 kit, explore the Cas9 endonuclease’s unique ability to recognize a statistically unique site in the 3.2 billion base-pair human genome, before moving to an accurate 3D-printed Cas9 model to explore enhancements of the system that become an even more powerful genome editing tool. 

1:00PM EDT - Wet Your Appetite for Learning with the Water Kit!
Whether breaking bonds, dissolving NaCl or exploring states of matter your students will be captivated by 3D Molecular Designs’ magnetic Water Kit.  The versatile kit will engage students in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, earth science or physical science and its usefulness spans, from middle and high school to college. 

2:00PM EDT - Proteins - Now That Everything Has Changed
Using engaging and powerful kits model how proteins are simply long linear sequences of amino acids, that spontaneously fold into complex 3D shapes, following basic principles of chemistry. Then explore how a stylized enzyme model will help students understand basic concepts while an accurate model leads to increasing levels of complexity.  

Friday, April 30 

12:00PM EDT - Exploring the Wonderful World of Cell Membranes: Proteins, Lipids and Ions, Oh My!
In this hands-on interactive workshop, participants will learn how to utilize physical phospholipid and transport protein models to explore the structure of the cell membrane, the role of transport proteins in moving ions and small molecules across membranes, and how defects in transport proteins can cause diseases such as cystic fibrosis. 

1:00PM EDT - Modeling How Cells Talk – Making Sense of Synapses and Signals 
Spark questions with the Synapse Construction Kit and provide hands-on activities to achieve Concept Explanation and Visual Representation goals in a topic that students find intrinsically interesting.  How does the neurotransmitter not only get back in the presynaptic cell, but back in the vesicle? What energy is involved in the transport of these molecules?   

2:00PM EDT - Making Connections Between DNA and Chromosomes! 
Explore and compare mitosis and meiosis in this hands-on interactive workshop. You will see how the Chromosome Connections Kit & Chromosome Student Modeling Pack will take your students from the cellular scale to the molecular scale connecting DNA nucleotides to chromosomes, whether modeling mitosis or Punnett Squares. 

3:00PM EDT - Inspiring Student Questions with a TWIST in DNA Modeling 
Inspire curiosity, questions, and discussion with 3DMD’s hands-on DNA modeling kits. Students will discover the dynamics of DNA – twisting, untwisting, separating for replication and transcription and coming back together. Upon examining the intricacies of DNA anatomy, they can analyze the cross-cutting relationship of structure and function.