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HASTI Conference

02-09-2020  - 02-11-2020Wyndham - Indianapolis West

2020 Hoosier Association of Science Teachers Conference

Visit our exhibit booth #205 and attend our popular workshops!


9:00 AM in Director Row 3 - Where in the Cell Are We? Exploring Cellular Watercolor Landscapes
Engage students in a thoughtful exploration of the invisible molecular world using vibrant, accurate watercolor landscapes that illustrate proteins and other cellular structures and visualize where protein synthesis and other processes occur. Trace the production and secretion of antibodies and how antibodies work to block the influenza infection cycle.

1:30 PM in Fortune Square D - The Dynamics of DNA – from Structure to Function
Support three-dimensional learning with a new, atomically-accurate model of double helical DNA that students can untwist and separate to explore the processes of replication and transcription. Convert deoxyribose to ribose sugars and generate the universal currency of energy, ATP. Additional manipulatives go beyond genetics to consider epigenetics and gene expression.