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PLTW San Antonio Summit

11-17-2019  - 11-19-2019San Antonio JW Marriott Hill Country

Workshops Monday, November 18 in room Grand Oaks O

2:15-3:15 PM - Going with the Flow of Genetic Information

How is the information stored in DNA used to build proteins in our cells and how do phenomena like DNA mutations cause genetic disease? Workshop participants will use hands-on manipulatives to verbalize their protein synthesis thought processes as they use a DNA template to create RNA, then “read” the codons on the mRNA to build a protein at the ribosome. Content supports the Principles of Biomedical Science Lesson 3.2 - It's in the Genes.

3:45-4:45 PM - Dynamic DNA

DNA is a double-stranded helical molecule, information (a sequence of As, Ts, Gs and Cs) that encodes proteins, and a 3.2 billion base-pair genome. This workshop explores DNA’s dynamic structure and function using hands-on manipulatives. Participants will model the five nucleic acids, assemble the nucleotides, and twist and unwind the double helix to perform DNA replication and RNA transcription. Content supports Principals of Biomedical Science Unit 1: Lesson 1.2, Unit 2: Lesson 2.2 and Unit 3: Lesson 3.2; and Human Body Systems Unit 1: Lesson 1.3.