Made in the USA

3D Molecular Designs’ products are made in the United States. Highlights of our local production include:

  • All of our kits are packaged at our offices in Milwaukee, Wis.
  • Components for our Dynamic DNA Kit are injection molded at 3D Molecular Designs.
  • Components for our Water Kit are injection molded by Imperial Tool & Plastics in Greendale, Wis.
  • Sodium chloride ions are injection molded at 3D Molecular Designs.
  • Side chain models for the Amino Acid Starter Kit, Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit and B-Globin Folding Kit are injection molded at 3D Molecular Designs.
  • Plastic and plaster models are 3D printed at 3D Molecular Designs.
  • Nylon models are built in New York.
  • Foam components for our Flow of Genetic Information Kit, Synapse Construction Kit, Neuron Modeling Kit, Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit, DNA Starter Kit, The Data Dilemma and Enzymes in Action Kit are stamped at 3D Molecular Designs.
  • Mini toobers are manufactured in New Hampshire.
  • Posters, gene and folding maps are printed and laminated at our office in Milwaukee.

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3D Molecular Designs employs U.S. workers whose taxes support schools in their communities. We strive to provide the highest-quality products at the lowest-possible price. Some components are not available, or are not available at a cost-effective price, from U.S. sources. Components that come from outside the U.S. include:

  • Neodymium magnets, China
  • Foam, China
  • Poster, gene and folding map paper produced by HP, France.