Explore Coronaviruses and Influenza - Two Enveloped RNA Viruses!

As influenza wanes, COVID-19 is at the top of every newscast and top of mind for school administrators, teachers, students and families, as well as all levels of government. Use 3D Molecular Designs’ Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection and Tour of a Human Cell Panoramas in a visual exploration of how envelope RNA viruses can infect our cells, and how our bodies defend us by producing antibodies in white blood cells. These remarkable illustrations of molecular processes can help students gain a deeper understanding of infection and immunity while serving as a launching platform for exploration of immunity systems. Scientist and artist David Goodsell of The Scripps Research Institute paints these rich and stimulating molecular landscapes after conducting extensive research of current scientific literature. 3D Molecular Designs also offers plastic Antibody & Antigen Models, which students can use to explore the specificity necessary for antibodies to bind to antigens.