Paid Internships in

Production and Processes

Paid Advanced Internships

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3D Molecular Designs hires highly-motivated college students for full-time, part-time, 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift and weekend positions. Students in all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Pay begins at $10.00 per hour, higher rates for 3rd shift hours.

Production Intern Job Description

Gain Valuable Skills and Experience

  • Quality improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Metrics reporting and tracking
  • Teamwork, communication and problem solving  

Additional skills and experiences vary by major.

Production Intern Tasks

  • Operate injection molding presses
  • Operate a new die-cutting beam press and other equipment
  • Operate 3D printers and finish parts
  • Pack and ship orders
  • Assemble, bag and package components and products
  • Maintain the office and production space

Students Report Many Benefits

  • I get to do a lot of different things and review biochem while I complete my work.
  • I get to create my schedule and get paid over minimum wage.
  • Time management, interpersonal skills, team work, socializing, organizing, mechanical skills, troubleshooting, problem solving and quality control are the major skills that will help me in the future. 

Advanced internships are available to college students who have specialized knowledge and want to focus on projects that will benefit 3D Molecular Designs. Advanced interns split their hours between production and their projects as assigned. Full-time positions preferred.

Pay ranges from $10-$12 per hour, based on experience. Apply through Handshake or Purple Briefcase or submit your resume now to


IT Advanced Internship

Intern provides basic IT support for a small office of 11 professional staff members. Project(s) will be determined based on applicant’s skills and business needs. 

IT Advanced Intern Job Description

Custom Model Internship

Custom Model Intern will gain experience in biology and chemistry, molecular visualization software, 3D printing, and client/customer communication. Tasks will include working to initiate new custom model projects, determining the features of the model and needs of the researcher, and leading clients through the model design and 3D printing process.

Custom Model Intern Job Description

Graphic Design Internship

Graphic Design Intern will increase proficiencies in Adobe Creative Cloud computer applications, while designing and revising materials for 3DMD products. Intern will also develop/improve photography, videography and editing skills while helping to produce photos and videos of products.

Graphic Design Intern Job Description


Quality Control Advanced Internship

Quality Control Advanced Intern will focus on the quality of components and products. Two or three positions will be filled. Positions will focus on the quality of injection molded parts, foam die-cut lots and parts bags, or the quality of packaged kits.  Project will focus on identifying trends in quality errors and developing solutions to prevent quality problems. 

Quality Control Advanced Intern Job Description

Efficiency Specialist Advanced Internship

Efficiency Specialist Intern will focus on improving the efficiency of 3DMD’s production processes. Project will focus on identifying, testing and/or developing the most effective production techniques and training all staff in the identified best practices. 

Energy Specialist Advanced Intern Job Description 

Inventory Advanced Internship

Inventory Advanced Intern will focus on keeping current and accurate inventory records of materials and finished products.  Project will focus on assisting with the implementation of a bar-code scanning system or developing a component estimating and ordering system. 

Inventory Advanced Intern Job Description 

Green Initiative Advanced Internship

Green Initiative Intern will focus on reducing 3DMD’s environmental footprint by focusing on waste reduction, recycling and reuse. Significant waste streams include EVA foam, coated/uncoated paper, ABS plastic, acrylic, plastic bags/film, etc. 

Green Initiative Advanced Intern Job Description