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3D Molecular Designs prints 3-D physical models of proteins and other molecular structures, with an emphasis on printing 3-D protein models using special techniques. We use 2 rapid prototyping technologies: the ZCorp 3D Printer and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). Both technologies are characterized as additive manufacturing, whereby a solid, 3-D object is constructed by adding materials in layers.

3DMD models are based on x,y,z coordinates obtained from pdb files of known structures, unpublished files or propriety files. We are happy to quote the cost of a model customized to meet your research, education or legal needs. Before submitting your request, you need to decide which technology, format and feature specifications you prefer. If you need help, please contact us or call 414-774-6562.




ZCorp plaster Cartoon & ribbon Color scheme
SLS nylon Alpha carbon backbone Hand-painted nylon
  Spacefill Magnet docking
  Surface Imprinted label
  Active site Flexible loop
  Multi-format Removable components


PDB File(s)

If you don’t have a pdb file yet, please visit the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank.

Contact us if you need help determining the specifications of your model. Fill out our online contact us form or email us at

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PDB file
Technology (please specify)  
    ZCorp plaster
    SLS nylon
Size (minimum 10 cm)
Format (please mark all that apply)  
    Cartoon & ribbon
    Alpha carbon backbone
    Active site
Features (please mark all that apply)  
    Color scheme
    Hand-painted nylon
    Magnet docking
    Imprinted label
    Flexible loop
    Removable components
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