Our Staff

Staff members can be emailed at first.last@3dmoleculardesigns.com.

Professional Staff

Tim Herman, PhD, Managing Partner & CEO
Diane Herman, Partner & Vice President
     Cell: 414-305-5023
Heather Ryan, Director of Operations
     Cell: 414-331-0847
Bobbi Kuhn, Office Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Rachel Mosey, Manager of Communications
     Office: 414-774-6562
Gina Vogt, Secondary Education Program Manager 
     Office: 414-774-6562
Kris Herman, Elementary Education Program Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Mark Hoelzer, Lead Model Designer
     Office: 414-277-4554
Hannah Smith, Production Manager 
     Office: 414-774-6562
Adam Marchetti, Production Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Daina Wentland, Customer Service Assistant Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Shannon Smith, Graphic Design Specialist
     Office: 414-774-6562
Mike Warden, Model Designer


Affiliate Staff

Vito Gervasi, Partner & Lead Engineer

Student Staff

We proudly provide employment opportunities for student workers and adult staff. Some package our kits and models. Others perform injection molding and foam stamping for many of our products.

Mailing Address



3D Molecular Designs 414-774-6562 1-414-774-3435
804 N. Milwaukee St.    
Suite 200    

Milwaukee, WI 53202


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