Our Staff

Staff members can be emailed at first.last@3dmoleculardesigns.com.

Professional Staff

Tim Herman, PhD, Managing Partner & CEO
Diane Herman, Partner & Vice President
     Cell: 414-305-5023
Heather Ryan, Director of Operations
     Cell: 414-331-0847
Bobbi Kuhn, Office Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Rachel Mosey, Manager of Communications
     Office: 414-774-6562
Gina Vogt, Secondary Education Program Manager 
     Office: 414-774-6562
Kris Herman, Elementary Education Program Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Mark Hoelzer, Lead Model Designer
     Office: 414-277-4554
Hannah Smith, Production Manager 
     Office: 414-774-6562
Adam Marchetti, Production Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Daina Wentland, Customer Service Assistant Manager
     Office: 414-774-6562
Shannon Smith, Graphic Design Specialist
     Office: 414-774-6562
Mike Warden, Model Designer


Affiliate Staff

Vito Gervasi, Partner & Lead Engineer

Student Staff

We proudly provide employment opportunities for 20-25 students. Some package our kits and models. Others perform injection molding and foam stamping for many of our products.

Mailing Address



3D Molecular Designs 414-774-6562 1-414-774-3435
804 N. Milwaukee St.    
Suite 200    

Milwaukee, WI 53202


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