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DNA Stock Up

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Dynamic DNA Kit©
Flow of Genetic Information Kit©,
Additional DNA & RNA Nucleotide SetSide Chain Expansion Pack and tRNA Expansion Pack
DNA Starter Kit© and
Triphosphate Expansion Pack
Biotechnology Kit©
Demo DNA Nucleotides©
Molecules of Life© DNA Model








Chromosome Stock Up

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Chromosome Connections Kit©


Phospholipid, Membrane and Transport Protein Stock Up

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Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit©
Phospholipid Modeling Set©
Potassium Channel Mini Model

Sodium Channel Mini Model
Potassium Channel Bound with Scorpion Toxin Mini Model





Protein Stock Up

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Amino Acid Starter Kit©
Amino Acid Building Block Models©
Enzymes in Action Kit©
Substrate Specificity Kit©






Exploring Sickle Cell Disease Stock Up

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ß-Globin Mini Models©
ß-Globin-Folding Kit©
Hemoglobin Poster©
Map of the Human ß-Globin Gene©




Synapse and Neuron Stock Up

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Synapse Construction Kit©
Neuron Modeling Kit©
Neuromuscular Synapse Poster©





Coronavirus and Antibody Stock Up

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Antibody and Antigen Models©
Coronavirus Models©
Tour of a Human Cell Panorama©
Flu Fight: Immunity and Infection Panorama©