Amino Acid Building Block Models

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This kit enables your students to build and compare 2 generic amino acids models using atoms, covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds. Atoms and side chains are represented by colored spheres and follow the standard CPK color scheme; covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds are represented by sticks. After constructing and identifying the components of the 2 amino acids, they can be linked by a peptide bond to make a dipeptide – splitting out a water molecule. 3D Molecular Designs and Molymod© have teamed up to make this amino acid model available to our customers.

Amino Acid Buildling Block Models Contents and Assembly Activity

The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to the structure of an amino acid displayed as a ball and stick model format. Each atom is represented by a colored sphere; covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds are represented by “sticks”. Students will build an amino acid and identify the atoms and parts of an amino acid. Students will build a dipeptide and identify components of the dipeptide.