Amino Acid Starter Kit© Contents and Assembly Directions

Find information about the contents of your Amino Acid Starter Kit© and directions for assembling the pieces so you and your students can start folding proteins.

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Your Amino Acid Starter Kit© includes five improved pieces: Properties Circle, bumpers, side chains with post fitting, plastic clips, and center post and clips.
Properties circle with sidechains and clips attached to bumpersAffixing bumper to circle

Properties Circle with side chains and clips attached to bumpers

Affixing bumper to circle

Inserting sidechain into plastic clip          Twisting center post from frame and inserting center post into clip

Inserting side chain into plastic clip

Twisting center post from frame and inserting center post into clip

Directions for affixing the bumpers to the Properties Circle are found in 

Preserving Your Amino Acid Starter Kit©

You can extend the life of your Amino Acid Starter Kit pieces by:

  • Removing the clips from the mini toober and loosely coiling it. Clips left on or tightly creasing the mini toober will compress the foam. Tightly twisting while using the mini toober could permanently compress the foam.

If you have multiple Amino Acid Starter Kits:

  • Alternating the orientation of your Properties Circles - if you have more than one kit - when storing the circles in your kit box. Orient your first circle with the bumpers pointing up. Put the next circle on top of it with the bumpers pointing down (see photo to the right). Rotate the circles as needed until the bumpers are nestled between each other. Repeat this process with your remaining kits (see photos below). By using this method you will be able to store up to six Properties Circles in your kit box after the bumpers are attached. This method will reduce the chance of them being bent or damaged.

Stacked CorrectlyIncorrect

Properties Circle Tips

  1. You can attach magnetic tape to the back of your circle to use it on your magnetic whiteboard/blackboard (see below). The side chains will attach to the bumpers securely enough to stay in place while the circle is displayed. If a side chain is not staying in place, try turning the clip to a vertical position.

  1. You can protect your Properties Circles during use by placing them in pizza pans (not shown).
  2. You can also store your circles in pizza pans (not shown).