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This E. coli Poster© shows the inside of an E. coli cell – magnified 1 million times. The molecular complexity of this bacterial cell is emphasized in this image. It features a large flagellum and the motor proteins that power its rotation, and a variety of transmembrane proteins that function in transporting molecules into and out of the cell. Aslo shown are:

  • Ribosomes
  • Proteins that support bacterial protein synthesis 
  • Polymerases that function in replication and transcription.

E. coli Poster© Coloring Sheet  


E.Coli Poster© Journal Articles

Dr. David Goodsell's published description of the poster. The first illustration gives a feeling for the overall ultrastructure of the e.coli cell. The second enlarges a portion of the cell so that the shape and size of individual macromolecules may be more easily seen.


E.Coli Poster© Next Generation Science Standards

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