Enzymes in Action Kit© Teacher Resources

Creating Catalytic Connections with Models


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The Enzymes in Action Kit© creates catalytic connections with models. The kit’s colorful foam pieces represent enzymes, and substrates. The protein model kit allows you to:

  • Simulate enzymatic actions.
  • Explain enzymatic specificity.
  • Investigate 2 types of enzyme inhibitors used in regulating enzymatic activity.
  • Examine how an enzyme may affect activation energy. 

With the Enzymes in Action Kit©, your students will first use foam pieces to identify the enzyme and substrate and model how they might interact. Then, they will manipulate the pieces to demonstrate catabolism and anabolism. Additional pieces and activities will give them an understanding of enzyme specificity and enzyme inhibition. Finally, they will use the model kit to simulate the activation energy needed in a chemical reaction with and without an enzyme.

Enzymes in Action Kit© Contents and Assembly

Find information about the contents of your Enzymes in Action Kit©, and directions for affixing the stickers on the foam pieces.


Enzymes in Action Kit© Molecule of the Month

The Molecule of the Month by scientist, author and artist Dr. David Goodsell includes an introduction to the structure and function of the chosen molecule and a discussion of its relevance to human health and welfare. Molecule of the Month articles are frequently referred to by teachers, students and researchers.


Enzymes in Action Kit© Next Generation Science Standards

Connections to: A Framework for K-12 Science Education Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas