Insulin mRNA to Protein Kit© Primary Student Handout & Key

A 3DMD Insulin Paper BioInformatics Activity

In this activity, your students will explore the steps involved in the synthesis of the protein, starting with insulin mRNA. Specifically, they will learn how this mRNA is translated by the ribosome into a precursor form of insulin, and then how the precursor is processed to create the final, functional protein. As the final step in this activity, they will create a physical 3-D protein model of insulin by folding 2 mini toobers (foam-covered wires) into the precise 3-D shape of the A-chain and the B-chain of this protein. The PowerPoint enables you to make your own student handouts.


INSFK Student Handout (Color)

INSFK Student Handout (Black & White PowerPoint)

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