Modeling Mini Toobers Teacher Resources

In our “15 Tacks and a 4-Foot Mini Toober” protein-folding activity, your students will use 1 mini toober and blue, red, yellow, white, and green tacks to explore the chemical interactions that drive each protein to fold into its specific structure. The color-coded tacks represent the properties of the amino acids. There are many variations to this basic folding exercise.

Modeling Mini Toobers Teacher Notes

Teaching tips and extension activities are in this document.


Modeling Mini Toobers Student Handout

Proteins are large, linear polymers of amino acids that spontaneously fold into complex 3D shapes. Although protein structure appears to be very complex, the chemical properties that determine protein structure are relatively simple. The Protein Folding with 15 Tack and a 4-Foot Mini Toober Activity allows your students to explore how the unique chemical properties of the amino acids determine the final shape of a protein.