Molecule of the Month on Nucleosomes

Protein Data Bank

The Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics (RCSB) Protein Data Bank (PDB)  features a regular Molecule of the Month article by scientist, author and artist Dr. David Goodsell. The article includes an introduction to the structure and function of a selected molecule from the data bank, and a discussion of its relevance to human health and welfare. Molecule of the Month articles are frequently referred to by teachers, students and researchers.

CLICK HERE for a Molecule of the Month article on nucleosomes.

The PDB is an archive of information, including atomic coordinates, that describes proteins and other important biological macromolecules. The information is deposited by structural biologists who have used methods such as x-ray crystallography, NRM spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy to determine the location of each atom relative to each other in the molecule.

The RCSB is a partnership of Rutgers University, the University of California - San Diego and the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The RCSB works toward improving our understanding of the function of biological systems through the study of the 3-D structure of macromolecules.