Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit© Contents and Assembly Directions

Find information about the contents of your Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit© and directions for assembling the pieces so you and your students can start exploring phospholipids and membranes. Please allot approximately 45 minutes to assemble protein channels and affix stickers to pieces before use (per kit).

We have provided optional sticker labels for the channel proteins. You may elect to use either the name labels or the letter labels, or both. They may be placed on the tops or undersides of the pieces. 

PMTK-01 Contents

PMTK-03 Contents 

PMTK Assembly Directions

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Teacher Tips

Assemble kit(s) on poster board or a large piece of cardboard to make transportation easier.

Assemble kit(s) on a large dry erase board or butcher paper so students can draw additional pieces.