What's New

Biotechnology Kit

Help your students achieve a better understanding of multiple biotechnology concepts including diagnostics, forensics, and bacterial transformation with a single hands-on modeling kit! READ MORE



Chromosome Connections Kit

Help your students make the connection between chromosomes at the microscopic scale and chromosomes at the molecular scale! The Chromosome Connections Kit will enhance your classroom exploration of cell cycle, cell division and genetics. READ MORE


Student Modeling Packs

Your students can model at home and at school with some of 3D Molecular Designs' favorite products: Proteins, Membranes, Double Helix, Nucleotides, Chromosomes and Water! READ MORE



Digital Modeling Activities

NEW free digital activities based on 3DMD kits, for students who cannot use hands-on materials right now. Virtual resources also enhance our Student Modeling Packs and classroom kits! READ MORE


Coronavirus Models

Help your students better understand the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus with our new 3D printed plastic model – available in 3 sizes and 2 color schemes! Magnets embedded in 2 spike proteins at the bottom of the virus allow it to dock with the “host cell” base, binding to an ACE2 receptor. An included antibody allows you to demonstrate how antibodies find and attach to receptor-binding domains of spike proteins, preventing them from binding to ACE2 receptors. READ MORE

The Science of Coronaviruses

Free Video and Modeling Series!
What are coronaviruses? How do they infect us? What do coronaviruses do inside us? How can we protect ourselves? This free four-part series includes videos, hands-on paper modeling activities and computer visualization tutorials that students can do in the classroom or at home. READ MORE