2020 Virtual California Science Education Conference Materials

Student Modeling Packs

Digtal Resources

Inspiring Student Questions with a TWIST in DNA Modeling 

Nucleotide Student Modeling Pack
Flow of Genetic Information Kit

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Dan Williams, Shelter Island High School (Shelter Island, NY) and Karen Avery, Pennsylvania College of Technology (Williamsport, PA)

My Favorite Models - Models That Go the Extra Mile

Double Helix Student Modeling Pack
DNA Starter Kit
3DMD Classroom Kits and Student Modeling Packs

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Kim Parfitt, science educator (Wyoming)


CRISPR Science - from Editing the Human Genome to Coronavirus

Nucleotide Student Modeling Pack

Student Activity: From Restriction Enzymes to CRISPR
CRISPR Adaptive Immunity Graphic by Jiang and Doudna. CRISPR-Cas9 Structures and Mechanisms. Annu Rev Biophys. 46:505-29; 2017
CRISPR Biology Graphic

Tim Herman, PhD, MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling &
3D Molecular Designs

Ted Talk by Janice Chen: Could CRISPR democratize diagnostics?
Video from National Institute of Education, Singapore: The Discovery of CRISPR

Using Models to Make Connections Between DNA and Chromosomes

Chromosome Connections Kit
Chromosomes Student Modeling Pack

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Chris Chou, Longmont High School (Longmont, CO)


The One Kit Wonder: Using Models to Teach Biotechnology Concepts

Biotechnology Kit
Nucleotide Student Modeling Pack

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Diane Sigalas, Livingston High School (Livingston, NJ)