Join us at the 2022 California Science Education Conference in Palm Springs. There will be sessions that go in-depth with our kits and models and you can meet us at our booth in the exhibit hall! All of our sessions will be held in Smoketree D- Palm Springs Convention Center.


Friday, October 14th


9:30am - 4:30pm

Come visit us at our exhibit booth in the Exhibit Hall at Booth #408

9:40 - 10:55am

Session: Demystifying Protein Dimensionality and Exploring Enzymes 

Presenters: Tim Herman, Ph.D., 3DMD & Ruth Hutson, 3DMD

Session Description: Explore how proteins get their dimensionality; focus on enzymes, their active sites, and which factors limit enzyme activity. Consider tips to interpret results from the catalase lab. End with analyzing protein structures deeply using a computer exploration and case study. Featured Kits/Models: Enzymes in Action Kit©.

2:10 - 3:45pm

Session: Discovering Dynamic DNA: More than As, Ts, Gs, and Cs

Presenter: Tim Herman, Ph.D., 3DMD & Ruth Hutson, 3DMD

Session Description: Transition between an assortment of physical DNA models and discover student-centered activities that explore the structure and function of this amazing biomolecule. Briefly exploring the role methylation plays in epigenetics and that your genes are not your destiny. Featured Kits/Models: Dynamic DNA Kit©.



Saturday, October 15th


8:00am - 3:00pm

Come visit us at our exhibit booth in the Exhibit Hall at Booth #408

10:00 - 11:15am

Session: CRISPR: Isn't it Time We Fixed Your Genome?

Presenter: Tim Herman, Ph.D., 3DMD

Session Description: CRISPR technology allows us to edit eukaryotic genomes -- including the human genome. Explore the CRISPR Cas9 protein, how it functions as an adaptive immune system in bacteria, and how it is being modified to be useful in genome editing. Featured Kits/Models: CRISPR Adaptive Immunity Kit©Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9©.

2:45 - 4:15pm

Session: Get a Move On: Modeling Molecular Transport Across Cell Membranes

Presenter: Ruth Hutson, 3DMD

Session Description: Engage in an exploration of the unique chemical and physical properties of water and the phospholipid bilayer that separates cells from their surrounding environment. Construct models to explain diffusion, osmosis, and active and passive transport across cell membranes. Featured Kits/Models: Phospholipid & Membrane Transport Kit©.


4:30 - 5:45pm

Session: COVID-19: Science to the Rescue

Presenter: Tim Herman, Ph.D., 3DMD

Session Description: Teachers will use a 3D-printed physical model of a coronavirus to explore the components of this virus and how a vaccine can protect us from infection. We will also explore novel vaccine platforms that promise to prevent future pandemics. Featured Kits/Models: Coronavirus Models.