Conference Workshop Documents

Below you will find some of the materials used in 3DMD/CBM workshops presented at professional development conferences. Please contact us if you have any questions about the materials or wish to receive additional documents not found here.



The Water Kit in Brief

Elementary Water Kit in Brief

Membrane Transport in Brief

Map of the Human B-Globin Gene in Brief

Insulin in Brief

Sepiapterin Reductase Placemat

Dopamine Biosynthesis Placemat

Serotonin Biosynthesis Placemat

Beery Worksheet in Brief

DNA Discovery Kit in Brief

DNA Replication in Brief 

Transcription in Brief

Translation in Brief

Neuron Modeling Kit in Brief

Cholinergic Synapse Overview

Dopaminergic Synapse Overview

GABAergic Synapse Overview

Amino Acid Starter Kit in Brief

Amino Acid Building Blocks in Brief

Acetylcholinesterase in Brief

Enzymes in Action in Brief

Substrate Specificity Kit in Brief

Arylsulfatase A Placemat

Molecular Landscapes in Brief

(*The coloring sheets will be made available to you if you purchase the Tour of a Human Cell© Panorama or Grand Panorama.)

2019 NSTA STEM Forum & Expo 



Dynamic DNA: One Model to Teach It All

Attract Students to Water Concepts with Magnetic Water Molecule Models

5 E’sy Ways to Investigate Proteins and Enzyme Action

Modeling the Flow of Genetic Information

A Microscopic to Molecular Perspective in Modeling Chromosomes

Exploring DNA Structure and Function with Physical Models

Using Models in Formative Assessments to Uncover Chemistry Misconceptions

Connecting CRISPR Biotechnology to What You Already Teach

2019 NSTA National Conference 



Using Water Models to Uncover Student Misconceptions in Chemistry

A Microscopic to Molecular Perspective in Modeling Chromosomes

Middle School Matters: Modeling with Magnetic Water Molecules

Touch A Nerve with Hands-On Modeling of Neuronal Communication

Modeling Proteins, Enzymes and How Water Drives Structure/Function

Get a Move On! Modeling Molecular Transport Across the Cell Membrane!