Bridging the Cellular and Molecular Worlds ... with David Goodsell's Landscape

Presenter - Tim Herman, Ph.D., Milwaukee School of Engineering & 3D Molecular Designs

Thursday March 31st, 4:00pm

David Goodsell is a scientist, an author, and an artist of all things small. In a series of water-color landscapes, David has illustrated the incredibly crowded nature of a cell – packed full of proteins that are jostling around, each one trying to carry out some molecular process. This workshop will introduce teachers to these incredible landscapes that illustrate the complexity of this molecular world in a way that students have not been exposed to before. In one landscape – the Tour of a Human Cell – we will explore the proteins that work in an antibody-producing B-cell to (i) express the gene encoding an antibody protein, (ii) export the mRNA to the cytoplasm where it is translated into protein and (iii) trafficked to the cell membrane where it is released into the blood stream. After a detailed examination of this Tour of a Human Cell we will briefly look at a variety of other landscapes, each one supporting a molecular story of a foundational concept in biology.