COVID-19: Science to the Rescue

Presenter - Tim Herman, Ph.D., MSOE/CBM

Thursday, April 7th - 9:00am

The workshop will begin with a brief review of the recent history of the first report of CoV-2 in December of 2019, and the amazing story of the process of science that sequenced the virus genome, determined the 3D structure of its spike protein and delivered an effective vaccine to combat the virus in less than one year. We will briefly address the new mRNA vaccine platforms that offer rapid protection from future pandemics. 
We will also present a program that teachers can use to engage their students in using data, exploring cross-cutting concepts and emerging technology to Model a Protein Story (MAPS). Students first focus on how coronavirus vaccines trigger antibody production, before exploring an emerging technology in which engineered prophylactic nanobodies could be delivered via a nebulizer to inactivate the coronavirus spike protein.  
This session will be interactive in that each teacher will have an opportunity to handle a physical model of the CoV-2 virus and to how it binds to the cell’s ACE2 receptor and how antibody binding to spike inhibits infection.