Linking Laboratory Observations and Changes at the Molecular Level using Hand-Held Models

Presenter - Anne-Marie Nickel, Ph.D., MSOE

Thursday, April 7th - 8:00am

Explore interactions between particles using the hand-held Water Kit© by following a set of guided-inquiry learning activities modelled after the Process Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning ( model of instruction. These activities connect particle interactions with material properties such as viscosity, solubility, boiling point, and surface tension. Each participant will examine molecular level particle interactions using the Water Kit© and relate those to macroscopic laboratory observations using those chemicals. Extensions of the activity include those that might involve solvent selection for industrial processes and EPA regulations. Participants will gain sample activities to use in their classes, discuss extensions of the activity to real-world applications, evaluate hand-held model representations for their impact on learning, experience activities that could be used in a virtual or in-person setting, gain example preparation requirements, consider possible modifications for successful employment in a variety of settings, and discuss connections to NGSS standards such as PS1: Matter and Its Interactions (PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter) and PS2: Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions (PS2.B: Types of Interactions).