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2017 CSTA Conference

10-13-2017  - 10-15-2017Sacramento

California Science Teachers Association 2017 Conference


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8:00-9:30 AM Room SCC, 319

Get A Move On! Modeling Molecular Transport Across the Cell Membrane
Engage students in inquiry-based activities to construct cell membranes, explore transport proteins and model active and passive transport. Explore the phospholipid constituents of cell membranes in this hands-on, minds-on workshop.

8:00-9:30 AM Room SCC, 319

Modeling the Hydrologic Cycle
Explore science and engineering practices through storytelling and hands-on modeling. Use magnetic water molecules that mimic polar interactions of real water to demonstrate the impact water has on the environment.

9:45-11:15 AM Room SCC, 305

A Visual Journey through the Human Cell Using Watercolor Landscapes
Engage students in a thoughtful exploration of the invisible molecular world using vibrant, accurate watercolor landscapes that explore cell structure and function and illustrate where protein synthesis and other processes occur. 

4:20-5:50 PM, Room SCC, 319

Let’s Get Helical: Exploring DNA Structure and Function with Physical Models
Investigate DNA as a macromolecule and a source of genetic information using models and a paper bioinformatics exercise. Examine the mutation for sickle cell disease and the regulation of fetal and adult hemoglobin expression.

10:00-11:30 AM, Room SCC, 319

Of All the Nerve: Exploring Neuronal Communication Through 3D Learning
Engage students in three-dimensional learning through an exploration of information processing. Model resting and action potentials and neurotransmitter release. Construct explanations of the various ways neuronal communication may be disrupted.


12:00-1:30 PM, Room SCC, 319

Students Modeling a Protein Story: 3D Printing Meets Biomolecular Research
Explore interactive instructional materials and student-centered protein modeling programs designed to meet NGSS learning goals. Programs include training in computer visualization software, 3D-printed protein model design and current research.


3:00-4:30 PM, Room SCC, 319

Genes, Genomes and Personalized Medicine
Explore genomics and personalized medicine with interactive DNA kits and gene maps. Model a "genomic story" of how whole genome sequencing has been used to reach the molecular diagnosis of a disease.